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Real Vs. Steal | Steve Madden Mysterii Sandal Look-a-Like

posted on: February 15, 2015

Real Vs. Steal | Steve Madden Mysterii Sandals Look-A-Like Dupe | kyssmystyle.com

My “Mysterii” sandals by Steve Madden are my favorite pair of shoes in my wardrobe, and I have a what some may call a lot of shoes. When I first got them, I wore them with just about every casual outfit I put together. They were in heavy rotation, along with my gold “Canter” ankle strap minimalist heels by Delicious.

I was supposed to write this blog post in my “Shoe Spotlight” series last August, when I actually purchased these beauties. (I posted them on my Instagram page.) However, I’m a little glad I waited because now I’m able to include this shoe in a “Real Vs. Steal” post.

I found an almost identical pair of the Mysterii sandals on charlotterusse.com. As you can see in the photo above, they are available in yellow, cobalt (dark blue), black floral, and white floral, for $36. You can’t beat that with a stick. The first two are by Charlotte Russe in the style, “Janelle,” and the latter two are by Anne Michelle in the style, “Perton 87.”

Gojane.com also has the black, and white floral for $30.

Like the Steve Madden shoes, the look-a-like features a 4.5 inch heel with an ankle strap that features a big metallic buckle for an adjustable fit.

I bought the “Mysterii” sandals on sale, but I love a good deal. Hence, I can’t help but feel a little bummed that I could’ve gotten this look for less. Anyhow, such is life.

Click the items in the widget below for buying options for the “Mysterii” heels by Steve Madden.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Steve Madden Mysterii SandalSteve Madden Mysterii Sandal | kyssmystyle.comSteve Madden Mysterii Sandals

Shoe Spotlight | My Delicious Canter Ankle Strap Heels

posted on: February 13, 2015

My Delicious Canter Ankle Strap Heels

My wardrobe would be incomplete without a pair of gold shoes. They go with every casual outfit in my wardrobe, and that’s no exaggeration.

This post features a fairly recent purchase of mine: the “Canter” ankle strap heels by Delicious. (These shoes are a dupe of the Steve Madden Marlenee sandals, which I featured a while back.) This is actually my second pair of this shoe. I bought my first pair about 2 years ago, but I left them by someone’s house (not a man) and that was all she wrote. I loved these shoes so much that when I was on the hunt for another pair of sandals, I repurchased them.

These faux patent leather sandals feature a 4.75″ heel, cushion insole, and a wraparound ankle strap that fastens with a metal buckle and hidden elastic.

Best of all, they are only $27 and can be purchased in a variety of colors, such as black, white, coral, gold, and floral from lulus.com. They are also available on charlotterusse.com in beige, and black.

The fact that these shoes are still around years after first being put on the market is a testament to their popularity.

See the widget below for more buying options.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Minimalist Ankle Strap Heels | kyssmystyle.comAnkle Strap HeelsMy Delicious Gold Patent Ankle Strap Heels

Outfit of the Day | FLAWLESS

posted on: February 1, 2015

OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle |

In this, my first post in 2015, I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year! May the odds always be in your favor.

One of my favorite looks to rock is the casual chic look. A few months ago, in one of my “If I Was Your Stylist” posts, I put together an outfit to wear while running errands. It featured a white graphic T-shirt, a long black skirt, and white converse tennis.

When I went to Minnesota last year, (yes I’m just posting these photos), I recreated that look.

The floppy felt hat is from H&M (surprisingly still in stock), the “flawless” shirt and the black pencil skirt are from forever21.com, the python print bag is also from H&M, and the Converse Chuck Taylors are from converse.com.

The rings I’m wearing are from H&M, Forever 21, and gojane.com, and the dainty bangles are from a boutique in New York.

Click the items in the widget below for alternatives to the pieces I’m wearing.

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peace, love and happy shopping

OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle.com |Outfit of the Day | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle Outfit of the Day | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle.com Outfit of the Day | Flawless T-Shirt  | KyssMyStyle OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt & Snake Skin Bag| kyssmystyle OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle.com OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt & Converse Tennis | kyssmystyle.com OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt | kyssmystyle OOTD | Flawless T-Shirt | Kyss My Style OOTD | Flawless Shirt | kyssmystyle