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I’m happy to announce that my blog is up and running again, not that you couldn’t already tell. I was experiencing a few minor difficulties, you know, growing pains.

I made a few purchases a while ago from and that of course I want to share with you all.

I’ve never really been one to buy clothes with words on it, but when I saw this white sweater with the quote “Good things come to those who wait” written across it, I thought the words were fitting. I really do believe that good things come to those who wait, but you must hustle while you wait.

When I was a child, my mother had a pair of hoop earrings that were similar in style to the multi-link necklace in the photo above. To me, they were “old lady” earrings that I would never wear, though I liked to pretend they were rings when I played dress up.

Fast forward to 2013, I have now purchased a necklace that looks almost like something I thought was so old fashioned. Either this means I have now become old fashioned or that fashion repeats itself. I believe it’s the latter. There is nothing new under the Sun.

I’m pretty much an addicted to any piece of gold jewelry that is chunky and “loud” so these lion earrings are now my favorite pair. They’re inspired by the Versace earrings that look similar, but will probably disable my back account. has sold out of them, but with a simple “Versace inspired lion earrings” search on google, you may be able to find a similar pair.

Since writing this post, I’ve worn this sweater in a “Good things come to those who wait” OOTD post. I’ve also worn the necklace in “my 22nd birthday” OOTD post as well as a “Citron & Monochrome” OOTD post.

I pin all of my online purchases to Pinterest immediately after I buy them. Check it out my “What’s in My Closet” board.

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peace, love and happy shopping

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