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Fashion Story One | It’s Friday

posted on: March 23, 2017

It’s Friday.

I’m off work.

Nobody better call me.

#mattafact, let me turn off my phone now.

I’m in a good mood.

Titties sitting right. Ass sitting better.

F*** Spanx. I got this.

I’m wearing heels for no reason.

And I don’t care if its 100 degrees outside.

I’m wearing this damn velvet dress.

Who gone check me?

LOL. I have to laugh at what I just wrote.

Hey guys! It’s been a few months since I’ve written an outfit of the day post. I wanted to come on here with something fresh and different. It gets quite boring writing a typical outfit of the day post where I simply state what I’m wearing and fit some awkward words in between so it won’t be short. Idk. I kind of hate small talk.

But I love making up stories and writing poetry, though I barely have a chance to write for fun these days. The only thing I read are essays and the only thing I write are grades. #teacherlife.

I want to make my blogs a little more interesting and engaging, so I thought to add a little sassy story to it. This isn’t the first time I’ve written a blog post like this. I wrote a similar one a few years ago about black heels. Someone complimented me in the comments. Ay!

Anyway, I hope my short story, at the very least, made you smirk.

New In | Tan Chunky Heels & Designer Inspired Handbag

posted on: March 1, 2017

Circa 2012, shoes with clear heels tried to make a comeback, but it was somewhat of a fail. It just didn’t catch on, However, unless you’ve been living under a Patrick Star rock, you know that perspex shoes are all the rage right now. Clear sandals. Clear boots. Clear underwear

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Real Vs. Steal | Jimmy Choo Kaytrin Suede Ankle-Tie Platform Sandals

posted on: November 13, 2016


Block heels are all the rage right now. Second, to clear heels. You just can’t escape them.

The Jimmy Choo Kaytrin 120 Suede Ankle-Tie Platform Sandals feature a 4.75″ cone heel, and a 1″ platform, which makes it feel like a 3.75″ heel. Don’t let the high heel fool you!

They also feature an open toe, and a back ankle tie.

The look-a-likes, which are almost identical feature a 5″ heel with a 1.25″ platform. They come in blush and nude, and you can find them on

I just bought a pair of olive green block heels that I can’t wait to rock! I’ll show them to you later on this week.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Outfit of the Day | How I Wear White

posted on: September 2, 2016

Natural Hair Updo | Brittany Kyss |

I’ve always been a fan of a white ensemble and there’s something so cherubic about a white dress. I’m always afraid to wear white because of well, makeup. But sometimes, you just gotta wear white.

I’m always wearing dresses in my outfit of the day posts. That’s because is always having a sale and I really like their dresses and their always having a sale. 98% of the time, the size I order fits me perfectly (I wear a US 10), and I don’t feel like experimenting with other apparel.

The dress is sold out, but I know Boohoo. They will restock it.

These gorgeous blue pumps are sold out, but these will work just as well and they’re the closest thing you’ll get to a Louboutin for under $50.

Please press play on the video below to watch this outfit in motion.

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