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The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day | Anne Klein Bangle Bracelet Set

posted on: May 2, 2015

Anne Klein Interchangeable Gold-Tone Bangle Bracelets | kyssmystyle.com

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is a liar. Sometimes it can. I find happiness in things of beauty, whether it be a ponsietta tree, a painting of an old house on the ocean, a Beyonce performance, or a beautiful Anne Klein bracelet set.

I was on Amazon.com wasting time searching for a product, when I saw an Anne Klein ad that caught my attention. Many a time I’ve seen a piece of jewelry that I love, but none in recent times like this bracelet set. There’s just something about it that sang my name.

I was considering buying a Michael Kors set, but so many people have Michael Kors jewelry and bags. Even my high school students have them. I can’t be rockin’ the same swag as them. #neaux

These bangle bracelets are perfect gift for the stylish mom this Mother’s Day. They feature four interchangeable gold-tone mixed metal bracelets, one being a three-hand watch displaying the Anne Klein logo, one having genuine Swarovski crystals, and another having black enamel. It retails for $150 and can be purchased from a variety of retailers in goldrose gold, and black. The widget below shows a few other styles that you can choose from.

Nordstrom is having a 25% off sale, so you can get it for $112.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Anne Klein Interchangeable Gold-Tone Bangle Bracelets

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls | Pearl 360 Studs and More

posted on: October 11, 2014

Not Your Grandmother's Pearls | 360 Pearl Studs & More

A few months ago, I wrote a post about a dupe for the Dior “Mise en Dior Tribal” earrings that have been spotted on celebrities such as Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron, and Emma Watson. I raved about them, stating that they were epitome of class meets edge.

Pearls are trending right now, only they’re not the pearls that our grandmothers used to wear. Pearls have always been classy, and nothing is ever “new” in fashion. They’ve simply been transformed and have a more modern look.

As your personal shopper, I’ve taken the liberty of finding some of these modern day pearls of which I speak for you. You’ll find them in your closet below. (The links to purchase/view are below the photos.)  🙂

I’ve purchased two of these items, and I will update this post with pictures soon. I gotta review for my finance class. 🙁

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peace, love and happy shopping

Not Your Grandmother's Jewelry | Bracelets | kyssmystyle.com

1 | 2 | 3

Not Your Grandmother's Jewelry | Rings | kyssmystyle.com

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Not Your Grandmother's Pearls | Earrings | kyssmystyle.com

1 | 2 | 34 | 5 | 6

Not Your Grandmother's Pearl Jewelry | Necklaces | kyssmystyle.com

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Real Vs. Steal | Dior Mise En Dior Tribal Earrings Look-a-like

posted on: July 16, 2014

Real Vs. Steal | Dior Mise En Dior Tribal Earrings Look-a-like | kyssmystyle.com

I want to begin this post by saying that these earrings are what is created when classy and tribal procreate.

They say, “I’m classy…but I’m not boring.”

These Dior earrings are called the Mise En Dior Tribal Earrings. They are made of resin beads and, as the name suggests, are inspired by tribal earrings. Ah, good ol’ cultural appropriation. :/

If you are interested in purchasing these earrings, but you’re willing to dish out $290 for something that you may lose the following month, baublebar.com has a dead-on look-a-like in rose, champagne, gold and silver for $28.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Dior Mise En Dior Tribal Earrings | Charlize Theron | Rihanna | Jennifer Lawrence | Emma Watson

New In | Gold Adornment

posted on: July 15, 2014

Cream Necklace | kyssmystyle.com

It’s been a while, since I’ve purchased some jewelry so a few weeks ago, I purchased some items from forever21.com.

Out of all the things I bought, the bird jewelry stand is my absolute favorite. Gold is  one of my favorite colours so when I saw it, I had to have it. At some point, I’m going to spray paint it white or cream so that It matches the other little bits and bobs I have, such as the white elephant ring holder featured in this post. That is also from forever21.com, but I bought that a long time ago.

My second favorite item is the pair of pearl earrings. They look retro…like something my mom would’ve worn in the late 80s/early 90s.

I also love the delicate rings and how they look when stacked on my fingers. Can’t go wrong with a little bling. (I don’t know when last I heard the word “bling.” Remember when it used to be really popular?)

All of the item can be found in the widget below.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Gold Double Ring Earrings | kyssmystyle.com Gold Necklace | kyssmystyle.com
Gold Pearl Earrings | kyssmystyle.com
Gold Bird Jewelry Stand | kyssmystyle.com
Gold jewelry stand | kyssmystyle.com Gold Earrings on Jewelry Stand
Fresh Layered Chain Necklace
Gold Rings on Elephant
Peach and Mint Necklaces | kyssmystyle.com