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Kyss Approved | Beyoncé at Press Conference in Brazil for Mrs. Carter World Tour

posted on: September 8, 2013

Beyonce Mrs. Carter Show Brazil

I’ve been falling in love with printed T-shirts lately as they are becoming increasingly popular.

Beyoncé took the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour down to Brazil, the first stop where she will be continuing the last leg of the tour in South America. Before getting on stage to give the audience life, she held a press conference wearing a $45 Criminal Damage Della Black T-Shirt, with destroyed denim shorts and black platform booties.

I love the print on that shirt and I’m happy she didn’t over accessorize and let it be the focal point of the outfit. The silver eyeshadow on her eyes is also very beautiful yet simple.

The singer, who had a birthday last Wendesday, spent some time with her hubby and baby vacationing in Ibiza after performing at the 2013 Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia. After being on her Mrs. Carter World tour for the last few months, I’m sure she deserved the vacation. Not to mention it left her with an amazing, glowing tan, arguably the highlight of the outfit.

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peace, love and happy shopping



KYSS Approved: Beyonce at “Life is But a Dream” Premiere

posted on: February 13, 2013

Beyonce Life is But a Dream Premiere

Maybe it was because she wanted the premiere of her hotly anticipated documentary “Life is But a Dream” to garner more attention, that Beyonce waited to gives us the look that most expected to see Sunday night at the Grammy Awards.

Call me crazy, but I think Beyonce specifically wore a non-traditional outfit to the Grammys and then wore this stunning number to the premiere of her documentary. No one’s really talking about what Beyonce wore to the Grammys.

(I believe the best dressed at the 2013 Grammys was Kelly Rowland, followed by Katy Perry, followed by Rihanna. Honorable mentions include Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Lopez.)

But they will talk about this dress honey.

And that’s what Beyonce and her team of marketing goons want.

Let’s get into this dress, which is a perfect combination of showing off a lot without showing off too much. This dress is revealing, but I think it looks elegant because of the dress’ peek-a-boo nature. By that I mean we only see pieces of flesh through the sheer fabric. The opaque fabric is in all the right places.

The neckline also contributes to the elegance of this look. Beyonce is no stranger to a plunging neckline, but the high-neckline offsets the fact that we can see her entire chest. Her hair covers the large key-hole at the back of the dress, so we barely can see her back.

Had this dress had a plunging neckline, it still would have been elegant because of the bottom of the dress which flares out. If it were short, like this look Beyonce pulled off at the 2009 MTV awards, the outfit would have been sexy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Moreover, the color of the dress is very fitting for the event and I am in love with the jewels. Had this dress been another color, it would have been serving me high school prom.

Her hair is perfect and her face is beat.

Oh and the booty is perfectly perched. #that is all
Beyonce Life is But a Dream PremiereAnd that is how you wear a dress honey. #snap


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KYSS Approved: Rosario Dawson in Calvin Klein

posted on: December 9, 2012

KYSS Approved: Rosario Dawson in Calvin Klein

May I have a moment of silence in honour of this leather dress Rosario Dawson is wearing. This photo was taken a very, very long time ago at the Met Gala back in May of this year. However, I do KYSS approved posts whenever I see something that makes me smile.

The Story: I was on Pinterest, you know just pinnin’ n shyt, when this dress appeared on my dashboard and a literally shrieked (If my reaction isn’t audible, I don’t post the outfit.) This leather trend that’s been going on for sometime now is really doing if for me because I think leather is classy, and timeless. No? *Karl Lagerfield voice*

Her dress is by Calvin Klein, and I just love the way it has a defined waistline, created by the band (and the fact that Rosario’s body is bangin’). Also, the tailoring is perfect and even though the dress is pretty simple, I think the seams add a little touch of character to it. The flare at the bottom is what gives this dress its “elegance factor” that it would not have without it. The collar of the dress also draws attention to her face, which is very natural looking.

Her hair and accessories are minimal, and I like this because leather can be a overpowering and if classy is the look you’re going for, then simple, chic buns never fail. The only pop of colour we get is the gorgeous blue earrings she’s wearing by Fred Leighton.


KYSS Approved: Rosario Dawson in Calvin Klein