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Smell Goods | Marc Jacobs Honey Review

posted on: January 6, 2014

Marc Jacobs Honey Review

Meet the latest addition to my perfume collection: Honey by Marc Jacobs ($92 3.4 oz).

In the category ‘best bottle design,’ Marc Jacobs always wins first place. There’s no way I can say no to the flowers on the tops of Daisy and Lola, two of the brand’s best scents in my opinion.

Honey, released in 2013, was created by Annie Buzantian and Ann Gottlieb, who also created Marc Jacobs’ Dot.

My mother bought me this fragrance for Christmas because you can really never go wrong with buying me perfume. I’ve never received a fragrance I didn’t like.

The first note that hit me was citrus. I don’t have anything else in my perfume collection that smells citrusy so I was excited to wear something new for a change.

Turns out the top notes of this fruity, sweet smelling fragrance are pear, mandarin orange and punch.  After a few minutes, it started to smell like a fruit cocktail and I could smell a peach note which coincides with middle notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and peach.

As it dries down, the base notes, which are honey, vanilla, and woodsy notes, become more prevalent. The vanilla scent is not as strong as Madonna’s Truth or Dare, but it does a light dance with the fruity, musky scents that made me smile.

Oh and can we get into the packaging? I’m not the biggest fan of yellow, but this bottle is gorgeous. I love the little pearls in between the butterflies’ wings.

Although I like this fragrance, I’m disappointed with its longevity. I like that it’s subtle and flirty, but it doesn’t last for the whole day. Given the name, I also expected it to smell a little bit more like, well, honey.

I probably won’t be wearing this fragrance until around March. Even though technically speaking, we never experience winter in the Bahamas, it’s more of a spring/summer fragrance.

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peace, love and happy shopping

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Smell Goods | Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance Review

posted on: December 27, 2012

Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance Review 1

Selon moi, the finishing touch on an outfit is always a dash of perfume. Even if I’m wearing sweats, with my hair tied, going on a Grocery Store run, I like to smell nice. Earlier this year, I went into Macy’s and sampled Truth or Dare by Madonna, and I’ll admit that I did not really like it at first. However, when I brought the tester home with the fragrance on it, let it sit in my armoire for a while, and smelled it later, I fell in love.

I think the scent is says I’m feminine and a bit girly, but I’m also a grown ass woman. I love finding out about scents and the specific ingredients in them that draw me in. Before I get into this, here’s a little background information about perfumery that may be useful.

The top note of a perfume is what you smell just when you apply a perfume. Top notes are composed of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly and form initial impression of a perfume. [+]

The middle note is the scent of a perfume that you smell just before the top notes dissipate. It forms the main body of the perfume and  mask the often unpleasant initial impression of base notes. [+]

The base note emerges close to the departure of the middle notes, and with form the main theme of a perfume along with the middle notes. Base notes bring depth and solidity to a perfume and are usually not noticed until 30 minutes after the application of the perfume or during the period of perfume dry-down. [+]

In this perfume…

the top notes are gardenia, tuberose, and neroli…,

the middle notes are jasmine, benzoin tears, and white lilly petals, and…

the base notes are vanilla, amber, and musk.

As you can see, the top notes are overwhelmingly white floral and sweet, and the jasmine dominates the middle note  Even though I absolutely love floral scents, it is the vanilla, amber and musk notes that I love in Truth or Dare. This is when the perfume turns into “I want to do something that I’ll regret in the morning”. Some of my favorite fragrances have a vanilla and musk base notes like Lola by Marc Jacobs, J’adore by Dior, Tresor by Lancome, Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Dot by Marc Jacobs, Pulse by Beyonce, Reb’l Fleur by Rih Rih, and Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture (which also has amber).

As far as the bottle goes, I’m not immediately drawn to it. I’m usually drawn to bottles like those of Marc Jacobs perfumes, but I’ve never seen a bottle like it in my mere 21 years on this earth, so I guess it’s fine. But…if I come across across a fragrance that I like, I will definitely buy it if the bottle is purty. 🙂

To me, this fragrance is a classic and is a nice addition to my perfume collection. I love it and the best part about this scent is that it lasts very long. It’s because it lasted so long (I’m talking days) that I was able to smell the base notes and fall in love with it. Some perfumes don’t even last long enough for you even smell the base note! I’ve only repurchased one perfume in my life, White Diamonds, by Elizabeth Taylor , but it looks like I’ll be repurchasing this when it’s finished.

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peace, love and happy shopping

p.s. I told my mom about this when I purchased it and when she picked me up from the airport last week, she had it on. She didn’t even have to tell me what fragrance it was.

Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance Review Madonna Truth or Dare Fragrance Review 2