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  • Aaron Allard

    I am interested in placing an advertisement on your website through text banner or link please let me know the rates and other options available.

  • Rashida


    I love your blogs kyss my hair & kyss my style and I think your makeup is ALWAYS flawless. Being someone who is new to applying makeup I wanted to know if you could to a step by step makeup tutorial for beginners on your YouTube channel.. I think your makeup is great and I only want to learn from you.

    I hope to see a makeup video from you soon. It is a must.

    Your new fan,


  • Vilcy

    I was watching your YouTube videos and saw how you talked about your hair being thin I use to have the same problem but there’s some natural tea’s that have helped me let me know if you would like to try them.By the way I was born in the Bahamas too.

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