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Real vs Steal | Zara Combination High Heel Sandal Look-a-Like

You see, this is the reason I love urbanog.com. Their shoes are always inexpensive and when they come out with dupes for popular shoes like the Zara Combination High Heel Sandal, I live a little inside.

Urbanog.com just recently stocked the Wild Rose Tamara Open Toe Ankle Strap Sandal ($32) that is almost an exact replica for the Zara Combination High Heel Sandal ($50). In my opinion, $50 isn’t bad at all for a pair of sturdy, well-made shoes, but I also don’t mind saving $18. I can use it to buy some accessories to spruce up a plain outfit.

If you are familiar with the Zara brand, you may notice that the dupes are not as sleek as the Zaras are and the heel is a little shorter. However, if you are not familiar, the differences are pretty much non existent.

In addition to black, the Zara sandals also come in blue and a tan and coral combination (top photo) and the dupes come in purple and pink, orange and tan, as well as mint and blue (bottom photos.)

I absolutely love finding shoe dupes and I’m always on the look out. #igotchu

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