Fashion Story If I Was Your Stylist

Fashion Story | Cold Shoulder Yellow Dress


It’s 4:30pm, and of course

my boss rests a stack of papers on my desk to file.

“Neaux heaux. I’m not doing it.” 

That’s what I want to say, but I roll my eyes in my mind.

I gotta hurry up and file these papers because I have a date with the girls this evening.

I bought a yellow cold shoulder mini dress

and some bomb black and yellow drop earrings. #ooouuu

Tasha’s gonna flip when she sees my beaded pineapple clutch.

She gonna fuss and ask me why I didn’t get her one.

“Because do you own my wallet? Damn.”

My black triple strap heels gonna lift my booty up an inch. #Yaz

Who needs squats?

I swear if my boss brings me another stack of papers, I’m going to lose it!


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peace, love and happy shopping




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