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Lipstick of the Day | CoverGirl Divine Wine

CoverGirl 330 Divine Lipstick

CoverGirl’s Divine lipstick is a girl’s lipstick. It’s perfect blend of pink and purple is a match made in heaven that is flattering on most.

I have yet to see it look unflattering on someone.

I think a pinky purple lipstick is an asset to your lipstick collection. It’s perfect, especially if you don’t care for pink lipstick or you think that purple lipstick is an abomination and should be banned just too much for you.

The first pinky purple lipstick I ever bought was Berry Haute by Revlon. I really wanted Up the Amp by MAC, but I was on a college student budget. (I’m still on a college student budget, but I digress.) Berry Haute is a spot on dupe for Up the Amp,  so I got that instead for about half the price.

I couldn’t find Berry Haute in the Bahamas; I could only find Berry Couture. When I went to the U.S. for vacation earlier this year, instead of repurchasing Berry Haute, I decided to get Divine. It’s not a spot on dupe for Up the Amp, but it’s pretty close.

As you can probably tell by now, I’m wearing it in the photo above and below.

I can’t seem to find Divine online at most beauty/drugstores. Divine used to be apart of the Lip Perfection Collection, but it appears as if it has been added to the new Colorlicious Collection, and is now called Divine Wine.

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peace, love and happy shopping

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