New Sweaters….Because It’s Still Winter

Forever 21 Sweaters

Saturday morning I woke up two hours earlier than I usually do. It wasn’t because I had a bad dream or because of a loud noise.

I woke up early because it was so cold in my room that I couldn’t stay asleep. It was below 40 degrees and the heater was not working.

I was slapped in the face with the reality that it is still winter.

If my other sweaters weren’t so washed or stretched out, I wouldn’t have purchased these ones.

Okay that’s a lie. had a mouth-watering sale a while ago and I could not resist.

The only one of the three sweaters that’s still available is the orange one. I love cable-knit sweaters because they’re so warm. In Minnesota, where it’s winter six months out of the year, this is ideal.

I’d had my eye on the black and tan cross sweater from last year so of course the fact that it was still there was a divine sign that it was meant for me. Right? #confessionsofashopaholic.

In a matter of months, I shall return to the sunny shores of Nassau, Bahamas. That sounds like a vacation, only it’s not because I live there.

Much love,


Forever 21 Sweater Forever 21 Sweater Forever 21 Sweater Forever 21 Sweater

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