Can You Really Have Too Many Shoes?

posted on: August 26, 2016

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I’d like to introduce y’all to the latest additions to my shoe wardrobe!

As if I really need more shoes. Sigh. Listen, my excuse is that I own a women’s apparel store in The Bahamas. I have to advertise the product.

If you look closely at the photos of the shoes, you’ll see that while they are very similar, they two shoes are by different brands. The purple shoe, which is by Liliana, features a slightly higher heel that the nude pair, which is by Shoe Republic LA. These shoes are actually from my store, but the Liliana shoe can be found on in purple and nude.

What I love most about these shoes are the muti-straps which ooze sexyness. I can’t wait to show you how I style them in upcoming outfit of the day posts!

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New Shoes | Socialite Heels | | | Brittany Kyss New Shoes | | Brittany Kyss

Outfit of the Day | Blue My Mind

posted on: July 29, 2016

OOTD | Blue My Mind | Brittany Kyss Bahamian Fashion Blogger

I haven’t made an “Outfit of the Day” post in a while. Actually, I haven’t made any posts in a while, but I’m getting back in the groove of things.

If you watched my graduation vlog, (yea, I vlog now), you would’ve seen that I recently graduated with an MBA in marketing from Nova Southeastern University in Florida. This is the dress that I wore underneath my robe. I have the dress in nude too. Listen, If you like something, get it in all the colors.

When we went to Florida for the graduation ceremony, I took a trailer load of pictures on my mom’s phone because the picture quality on her phone is crazy. Somehow, she got locked out of her phone and it had to be wiped clean. I lost all my damn graduation pics.

So, I decided to wear the dress, which is from, again for a photoshoot with Blair. The shoes are from (Bahamas), but can be purchased from

This shoot nearly didn’t happen, y’all! So after I got dressed, it started to rain by my house. Like, cats and dogs rain. I called Blair and she told me that it was dry on her end. So, I drove to the location and you know, everything was good. I was posing. She was snapping.

Then, it started to rain and I thought sure that I wasn’t supposed to win that day. However, we kind of ran from the rain by driving to the other side of the island where it was pretty much dry, and magic ensued.

I captured all of this on Snapchat by the way (brittanykyss). Yes, I finally figured out how to work the thing. If you missed the snaps, don’t worry because I will be uploading a vlog on Sunday.

Press play to watch the video below!

Outfit of the Day | Blue My Mind | Brittany KyssOOTD | Blue My Mind | Outfit of the Day | Blue My Mind | Brittany Kyss | Outfit of the Day Brittany Kyss YouTube Channel Brittany Kyss | OOTD | Blue My Mind | Brittany Kyss

Summer 2016 Style Inspiration

posted on: June 19, 2016


Outfit of the Day | Style Inspiration | Summer 2016 Outfit |

The olive green trend that permeated the fashion world last year has made itself at home and it doesn’t look as if it plans on leaving any time soon. I said it before in one of my previous posts and I’ll say it again: I never thought that I would see the day when I would love olive green. Back then, it seemed like such a bland color, but these days I see it was a versatile color and I’ve began to incorporate olive green pieces in my wardrobe. Go figure.

The cut out pattern of the Alexander Wang olive green cut out dress featured in this OOTD post adds character to a basic dress. It costs a pretty penny, but this dress from TopShop is easier on your wallet.

For this outfit, I chose a camel theme to complement the green. Camel is another color that I didn’t care for, but now love. I think I thought of these colors as too earthy. I was never into earth tones that much. I was lost, but now I’m found.

If you’ve been frequenting any women’s retail store,  you know that strappy lace up shoes is another trend that’s also not going anywhere any time soon. Every time I turn around, I see another celebrity or blogger rocking this trend. I ain’t mad at all. Pair your dress with these Gianvito Rossi gladiator sandals or these, these, and these from

A foldover crossover body bag like this one from Blooming dale’s goes great with the shoes and so would this tasseled bag from (I love btw. They have trendy pieces at affordable prices!)

I kept the bling simple with a gold lariat necklace from and pair of rose tinted cat eye sunglasses from

If the weather where you are is anything like how it is in The Bahamas right now, a wide brim floppy hat is just what you need to block the sun from interrupting your slayage.

How do you wear olive green?

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peace, love and happy shopping

My Favorite Nude Dress

posted on: June 19, 2016

Boohoo Rita Strappy Top Detail Midi Bodycon Dress |

School is finally closed and I’m gonna need summer to come all the way through, though I can do without the humidity. I’m happy to be out of the classroom and to not be a slave to the bell for a while. I need to recharge my battery so I can be ready for my kids in September.

So, last Saturday night, bae and I went out for dinner and I wore my favorite taupe dress that I bought from last year. You may remember it from an OOTD collaboration I did with 242BlqRze last December. It’s arguably my favorite dress, my black strappy dress, also from, being a close second, or third. I’m not sure.

It’s not available in taupe anymore, but it is in black, burgundy, and red for $35. Come on, you can’t beat that price.

The restaurant we went to is called Blue Sail. It was my first time going there, and I must say, the restaurant has a wonderful ambiance. It probably looks better in the day time because it’s right on the ocean. The service was also great, however, I was a little disappointed with the main course.

I was craving conch fritters earlier in the week so we ordered some of those. They were delicious, even though the conch bits were a bit big. However, we shared a meat lovers pizza that seemed to lack flavor. We had to put red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese on it to make it flavorful. I was disappointed. My Sprite soda was also flat. I’m a Sprite connoisseur, so that matters a lot to me. lol But for real though. I love Sprite.

All in all, I still enjoyed myself. We should’ve gone to the club afterwards, but downtown Nassau was probably crawling with recent graduates of the school I teach at because their prom was that night. I can’t be whining up and risk being photographed. Nope. Every kind of nope.

I’m looking forward to forgetting that I’m a teacher for the next two months and then trying to figure out where the time went at the end of August.