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Real Vs Steal | Michael Kors Carine Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag Look-a-Like

Real Vs Steal | Michael Kors Carine Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag Look-a-Like | kyssmystyle.com

I totally hyperventilated when I first saw this bag. If you can’t already tell by my Real Vs Steal blog posts, I love designer dupes. When I find one, it’s a euphoric experience. I’m not exaggerating.

I made apurchase from gojane.com recently, and I was mulling over whether or not I should by a quilted bag. There was a nice one on the site, but I thought it was too small for the price. I googled “quilted handbags” in hopes of finding a deal. I came across the Carine Quilted Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors. I fell in love. I was even going to write a “My Favorite Handbags at the Moment” post just to feature this bag. A day later, I found a look-a-like for $50. It’s also available in red and beige. Let me tell you ’bout my God! I still think it’s a bit pricey, but I got it on sale. Furthermore, I was willing to spend the money for the gold detailing. To me, a quilted bag is a classic closet staple; I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make this bag my own.

In my opinion, all quilted bags are Chanel inspired even though this bag is a dupe for a Michael Kors bag. The gold chain detailing around the body of the bag is what distinguishes the Kors from a Chanel. The Kors bag has more of an edge than the plain Chanel quilted bags.

I also purchased a dupe for the Valentino 1973 Rainbow Vavavoom purse. One day, maybe next year, I plan on purchasing my first designer bag and shoe. Until then, I’ll stick to my look-a-likes.

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