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Real Vs Steal | Valentino Rainbow Chevron 1973 Print Rockstud Pump Look-a-Like

Real Vs. Steal | Valentino Rainbow Chevron 1973 Print Rockstud Pump Look a Like |


When I first saw these shoes, I was taken aback. It has so many colors that I thought styling it would be a pain. However, as weeks went by, the rainbow coloured shoe grew on me until I found myself trying to figure out what I could wear with it.

I now think that these shoes can be the perfect focal point for an outfit, so long as that outfit consists of one color.

As the title suggests, this post is a bout a look-a-like for the Valentino Rainbow Chevron 1973 Print Rockstud Pumps. In my opinion, the real deal looks better, as they feature more muted colors. The bright colors in the look-a-like have a cheapening effect, which can be magnified or minimized depending on how the shoes are styled. Nevertheless, I can still see them giving an outfit some character.

The high-heel Valentinos feature a pointed toe and 3.75″ heel. The look-a-likes appear nearly the same, but with brighter colors and a 4.5″ heel.

The real deal can be purchased on, on sale for $864, while the look-a-likes can be found on and, for $33.30 and $35.99, respectively.

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