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Real Vs. Steal | Zara Lace-Up Sandal Look-a-Like

Zara lace up sandal look-a-like

Every time I come across a shoe look-a-like I sing “And another one” in my head in my best Notorious B.I.G Voice. If you know what song it comes from, then about that life you are.

I’ve found a very close dupe for the Zara Lace-Up Sandals that retail for $129 (sold out) on charlotterusse.com. They’re called the Sueded Laser-Cut Zip-Back Pump and they’re for $32.50. They’re also available in taupe. Can you say win?

Gojane.com also has a similar pair in black, and taupe for $33.90 (photoed below) and DSW also has a pair available in black for $69.96.


Zara Lace-Up Sandal Look-a-Like

$129 is not an unreasonable amount to spend on real leather shoes so I wouldn’t mind purchasing the shoes from Zara. Based on my experience with shoes from charlotterusse.com, I can say that their shoes aren’t going to fall apart on you. However, they’re definitely not going to last as long as genuine leather.

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