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Zara Leopard Lace Up Sandal Look-a-Like

It’s important for you to know that leopard print is my favorite colour. (Yes, leopard print is a colour.)

If God took the form of shoe, I feel like this is what she would look like. I bought this shoe a month ago from gojane.com and had it sent to my girlfriend who lives in MN (because I live in the Bahamas and didn’t want to pay the customs/shipping fees). It’s finally made it home to my closet and I call her Verohnica (with an h).

I first saw a shoe similar to this pair on gojane.com and as soon as I saw it, I damn near threw it in my shopping cart. My heart cracked in two when I got an email stating that the shoe was out of stock and they were sorry for any inconvenience caused. *side eye*

However, a few weeks later, they stocked these beauties and I was partly grateful I didn’t get those ones because these look better. I like this particular leopard print more (yes, it does make a difference) and the heel is higher.

These shoes are an exact dupe for the Zara lace up sandals, which are very popular among fashion bloggers #fashionbloggerslovezara

They sold out a long time ago, but if you follow my “What’s in My Closet” board on Pinterest, you can see things I buy online as I purchase them.

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peace, love and happy shopping
Zara Leopard Lace Up Sandal Look-a-Like Zara Leopard Lace Up Sandals Look-a-Like Zara Leopard Lace Up Sandal Look-a-Like

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