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The last two weeks have been super busy and stressful for me.

I recently got a job as a full time substitute English teacher and I also attend graduate school full-time. Therefore, my time outside of work is usually spent marking papers or doing homework. I can’t tell you the last time I saw the inside of a club or restaurant.

The winter semester is over and I have a little more time on my hands. With that being said, it’s nice to finally be blogging again after a short hiatus. It feels good to be back on here.

About a month ago, I bought the nude shoes you see above at a local store in The Bahamas. I think every woman should have a pair of nude/tan shoes simply because they go with everything. They’re a closet staple.

The Brittany last year would have never picked these shoes up in a store. However, now I need shoes that are more suited for being on your feet and while walking around a classroom to make sure everybody is paying attention.

Hence, I picked up these babies, and yesterday while I was on looking for some shoes for a “If I Was Your Stylist Post,” when I came across the same shoes.

I wore them for the first time on Friday and I must admit they were a little painful. However, what pair of heels doesn’t hurt the first time you wear them? I have a similar pair in black and they were painful at first too.

They’re called the Double Ankle Strap Patent Pointed Toe Heels and they’re available in nude, black, and red for $28.50.

The heel is 4″. For women like me, who are used to wearing 4.5 and above, it’s a low heel and about as low as I’ll go for a while.

Double Ankle Strap Patent Pointed Toe Heels

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peace, love and happy shopping

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