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This Month on Instagram | October 2015

This Month On Instagram | October 2015 |

This month, on October 27th, I turned 24 (#teamscorpio). Although I don’t usually get excited about my birthday, this year was particularly special. I love the woman I am, as well as the woman I’m becoming, and I’m excited to see where life will take me.

The collage above, shows just a few birthday and fashion highlights from this month. (L-R)

  1. One of my favorite selfies taken this month because I actually felt beautiful while taking it. I was on the way to dinner with my bf. There’s a difference between feeling pretty and feeling beautiful. I felt happy and content in my own skin. It had nothing to do with how I looked.
  2. After a romantic dinner, belly filled with seafood ravioli, too much bread, and sour apple martinis, I was on cloud nine. Every woman should have a sexy black dress and the one I wore came from for $35. I love how it hugs my curves and the strappy details add so much character to the dress. I paired it with black heels and a black quilted bag, both from
  3. Ever since I went off to college in 2009, my dad has been sending me flowers on special occasions. When I was told that there was something for me in the front office at work, I knew it was flowers and I knew they were from my dad.  Flowers make my heart smile and I always think about my dad when I see a bouquet.
  4. I tried very hard to have my “Outfit of the Day” blog post up this week, but it’s not ready yet. I used balloons as props in my birthday shoot. When I picked them up from the party store, I was quite shocked at how long it took me to get them in my car, and during the shoot, I learned just how unruly those things are when they team up with the wind. It’s definitely a once a year thing.
  5. A bright yellow dress never hurt anybody. It’s fall, and yellow is more of a spring/summer color, but haven’t you heard? It’s always summer in The Bahamas. I wore this dress to lunch at Lukka Kairi with my girls. It was a blissful occasion. This dress is also from and I also got it in red because, I mean, what’s a wardrobe without a red dress? I paired it with a tan heels from and a tan purse from
  6. A smile away keeps negativity away.
  7. I’ve never been a fan of olive green, but it has come to be a ubiquitous color associated with fall 2015. It’s everywhere. I actually featured this nail color, Westside Warrior, by China Glaze in a haul video this summer, not knowing I was participating in a fall trend. I wished the color was a little lighter, but it ended up growing on me.
  8. A sexy black dress is a #klosetessential and so is a basic black dress. I got this number from, but its’ now sold out. The bag and shoe are also sold out, but it’s not hard to find a basic black clutch and gladiator flats these days. I wore this outfit to lunch with my bf.
  9. I mentioned in my last “Real Vs. Steal” post that I’m not into fringe that much although it seems to be everywhere this fall. It’s a little to Boho for me. However, these shoes are one of the most popular low-end shoes this fall. It sold out a few times on me (I swear size 9 always goes first), but I was able to snatch it up from I can’t wait to style them for you all.
  10. I also got a birthday shout out from one of my favorite bloggers, Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily. Her blog was one of the first fashion blogs I discovered back in 2009, prior to which, I knew nothing of blogging. Claire is definitely one the women who inspired me to start this blog and my natural hair blog.

I had a peaceful, yet unforgettable birthday that I brought in marking essays (#teacherlife). I’m very grateful for each of my 24 years. Here’s to 24 more!

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peace, love and happy shopping

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