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If I Was Your Stylist | What to Wear to a Dinner Party

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A friend of mine is celebrating her birthday next week by having a dinner party. I love going to dinner parties, or intimate gatherings with my friends.

It’s the perfect excuse to dress up. (Not that I really need an excuse.)

I can’t go because I will be in class listening to my professors drone on about business ethics and marketing, but I thought I’d show an outfit I would like to wear if I could go.

I have an infatuation with pencil skirts that I don’t think will go away so it is no surprise that this post features one.

What better way is there to say, “I’ve arrived,” like a green sequin pencil skirt? Because this skirt is so bold, and attention-grabbing, it’s definitely the focal point of the outfit. If sequins aren’t your thing, no worries. Any printed skirt or bright coloured skirt will do. Instead of rocking the sequins, you can wear a plain green skirt, or a floral green skirt. Either way, you’ll win.

When I wear loud statement pieces, such as this skirt, I like the tone the outfit down by pairing the piece with a soft colour such as white. I chose to pair the skirt with a white long sleeve surplice top (a top that features a diagonally crossed neckline or bodice). Of course, any white top will go, but surplice tops are pretty popular right now, and they flatter many body types. Not to mention, because it’s not form-fitting, it’ll leave a little room for the dinner you skipped lunch for. 😉

While, the possibilities of types of shoe you could pair this outfit with are endless, I went for a shoe that’s closed in, or encloses the majority of your foot. Of course, strappy heels ain’t never hurt anybody, but a closed in shoe looks a little more sophisticated in my opinion. It all depends on what type of dinner party you’re going to.

I chose the Jimmy Choo Anouk Pump in grapefruit. Click here to see a very affordable dupe for this designer shoe.

I fell in love with this Metal Trimmed Faux Leather Box Clutch I found on gojane.com and chose it for this outfit because its small enough to carry with you to the club after you’re done with the party, but big enough to hold all the essentials: lipstick, makeup compact, tissue, money, and keys.

Lastly, whats an party outfit without a little bling. To complement the green of the skirt and the peach of the shoe, I chose the Kauai Bracelet. It features two shades of green, orange, and pale pink.

Though I won’t be able to attend my friend’s dinner party, I’m sure you’ll have fun at yours with style so good they’ll want to kyss it.

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peace, love and happy shopping

what to wear to a dinner party

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  • Elle

    Love this outfit! I also love the skirt, everything about it, and this would make a fabulous outfit for any nice out or special event . Well done!
    XX, Elle

    • Kyss

      Thank you! 🙂

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