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Cheap Vs Cheaper | Zara Strappy High Heel Sandal Look-a-Like

Zara Strappy High Heel Sandal Look a Like

It appears that this is my first shoe look-a-like post of the year. *throws confetti*

If I had to choose a particular brand that’s most popular among fashion bloggers (especially with regards to shoes), it would be Zara.

The Zara High Heel Sandal ($89) was very popular among bloggers last year. It’s sold out, but I found a look-a-like on lulus.com for $36 called the Sonya 4 Strappy Peep Toe Heel. They’re available in black and taupe.

How you doin’? *Wendy Williams voice*.

The most notable differences between the Zaras and the pair from Lulu’s is the back of the Zara sandal has a deep inward curve toward the ankle. Other than that, the differences are minor.

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peace, love and happy shopping

Zara Strappy High Heel Sandal Look-a-Like

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